Beef Steak Nuggets

TillaMook Country Smoker beef steak nuggetsBeef Steak Nuggets

Beef Steak Nuggets, those words together just make my mouth water.  We picked up a 3.25 oz. package of TillaMook Country Smoker Beef Steak Nuggets on our road trip last week.  I’ve always been a big fan of dried meats that come in chunks or nuggets rather than jerky.  I just feel like I’m getting more meat when I have a beef steak nugget to chew on.

My wife is more of a fan of the tougher old fashioned jerky style jerky.  The kids and I ate this bag without hesitation, and we weren’t even hungry!  While I drove, my wife would divvy out the beef steak nuggets to each of us.  We each had our fair share, honestly wish I had bought a couple of bags though.

The old fashioned smoked and dried to perfection little beef steak nuggets were a tasty little treat.  The packaging says they are naturally wood smoked with a sweet flavor.  And we could taste a hint of smoke flavor in the beef steak nuggets while we traveled home.

TillaMook Country Smoker beef steak nuggets came in a resealable bag, which is handy for anyone not wanting to just devour the whole bag in one setting.  Although we didn’t use this feature on this trip.  It’s always nice to carry beef steak nuggets in a resealable bag instead of having them dry out too much and lose their freshness.

TillaMook Country Smoker beef steak nuggetsThese tasty beef steak nuggets had 5 sugars per one ounce serving and 9g of protein.  Sodium of 440mg.

Overall, 3/4 of us really enjoyed these beef steak nuggets.  Made by a company in Bay City Oregon, USA.  I’ve had these beef steak nuggets before and will undoubtedly grab a bag off the shelf again sometime in the future.

Join our CowTwitch Team and tell us which beef jerky is your favorite.  It’s all about the beef jerky!

Let us know what you think of these beef steak nuggets in a post below!

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